An Invitation To The Annapolis Inn

The Annapolis Inn, like most exquisite jewels, is a rare find, a bed and breakfast inconspicuously nestled under the historic trees that line prestigious Prince George Street in Annapolis, Maryland. Though simple in its traditional Georgian townhouse facade, The Annapolis Inn’s interior is befitting to royalty who enjoyed the ambiance of elegant splendor but who would never have imagined the luxuries and comforts that bestow that same feeling of aristocratic privilege to its present day guests. Today, it remains as the only historic landmark building in Annapolis, Maryland that offers accommodations to visitors and a wealth of history. To learn more about our distinguished and established history click here.

The Annapolis Inn was initially the home of Dr. James Murray, physician to Thomas Jefferson, while Jefferson lived in Annapolis. It shuttled runaway slaves through its underground railroad tunnel in its cellar to ships in our harbor heading north to freedom. From 1900 to 1919 it was also the home of the oldest synagogue in Annapolis, Congregation Kneseth Israel. Staying at this exceptional bed and breakfast gives way to the exploration of Annapolis, a city that will entertain and enlighten you across four centuries of history, architecture, customs and traditions. It will captivate your mind with so many truths faded or lost over time. No other bed and breakfast will make you so proudly and firmly aware of your American heritage and roots and of those who planned, fought and died for our freedom, liberty and greatness, and it will open your eyes to the national treasure chest that it is. The Annapolis Inn will be your magic carpet to transport you across the centuries.

Leave the Ordinary Behind

A very elegant breakfast is served along with many enjoyable and memorable conversations among our guests and Innkeepers as well. Each of our three courses is served with stories and anecdotal tales that will tickle your fancy and put a smile on the rest of your day. After running an Inn for almost twenty years, the Innkeepers have stories to share that will have you rolling in the aisles.

If you are in need, let us step in with our exceptional care and service tailored to what you are looking for. With just one phone call to us, we will help you plan your entire stay and help your stress to quickly fade away. Give one of our Especially For You Gift Certificates to a loved one and let us take care of them. We will be glad to help you make arrangements for whatever activities, sightseeing or shopping you are interested in and make your dinner reservations as well.

Let The Annapolis Inn become your escape, an intimate hideaway for couples who seek to step out of the ordinary, who seek to celebrate the milestones of their lives and the freedom that their love and success have brought them. When life’s special moments emerge, let your love and your heart guide you to our bed and breakfast in Annapolis. We hope that will bring you to our front door, and we extend to you our invitation to be our guest.