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Things To Do In Annapolis, Maryland

Come discover the wealth of things to do in Annapolis, Maryland. The Annapolis Inn is close to downtown activity and our guests may easily walk to many different historic government buildings, mansions, museums and churches. Annapolis has a sprawling waterfront with boat rides, irresistible and welcoming restaurants, and three hundred years of carefully preserved architecture. The beauty of Annapolis rests in her quaint ability to recapture the romanticism of maritime culture.

Visit Annapolis, Maryland, and discover a “museum without walls,” a city of four centuries of buildings of architectural and historic interest, a city with narrow colonial streets and alleys, a city to be discovered merely by walking! There is so much to discover and every visitor can find unique points of interest and things to do in Annapolis suited for them. Traditions of a bygone era permeate Annapolis and exude a nostalgic feeling of history that pertains to us all.

Annapolis is a treasure trove of history. So much history, sailing and other intriguing and captivating things to do in Annapolis, Maryland lay at your feet.

Let us show you Annapolis through our eyes and all of our favorite things to do in Annapolis, Maryland.