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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear in Annapolis?

We experience a range of seasons here in Annapolis. Take a look at the average temperatures so you can pack accordingly and make sure to check the weather before you leave.

Where do I park in Annapolis?

Here is a parking map to guide you. 

What area is the hotel located in?

We are in Downtown Annapolis close to all the shops and attractions!


What is the best way to get around Annapolis?

See all of your transportation options, and taking the trolly is highly recommended!

Are there bike paths in Annapolis and is it safe to bike?

Yes! See popular biking trails.


What water sports are available in Annapolis?

Here are some of our favorite ways to spend time on the water:

  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Wind and kite surfing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Charter a boat
  • Sailing school

What is there to do at the Naval Academy? 

The Naval Academy is a beautiful place to walk, attend football games, and watch the famous regattas sail by. See more things to do at the Naval Academy.

The Annapolis Inn is just one block from the Naval Academy.

What is the Navy Football Schedule in Annapolis?

Don't miss a game on the schedule!

What is there to see at St. John's College?

St. John's College is an esteemed liberal arts college in Annapolis with a well-manicured campus to tour and the famed annual croquet match against the Naval Academy, known as "the purest intercollegiate athletic event in America" according to GQ.

When is the Croquet Match in Annapolis?

The Annapolis Cup is held every spring. See this year's dates.

Are you in walking distance to shops and restaurants?

Yes. Enjoy a romantic meal downtown or shop at charming boutiques.

Directory of downtown shops

Shopping experiences

One of our favorite places to get fresh crab is Cantlers, a waterfront restaurant by the docks. 

When are the Boat Shows in Annapolis?

See the latest dates for boat shows.


What florists do you recommend in Annapolis?

  • Flowers by Donna
  • Michael Designs Florist

What churches are in Annapolis?

  • St. Anne's Parish
  • St. Mary's Church
  • First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis
  • Calvary Memorial Baptist Church
  • USNA Chapel